Local Lady Legends: Introducing Kelowna G.

Pictured above:  Kelowna, post surf bliss in her Honolua suit. Her board is a 5'3 Pill shaped by Gary Hanel from Leucadia.

Kelowna has long been a radiant lady in the line-ups in San Diego's North County.  One her favorite places to surf is Swami's.  She also spends time in beloved Maui with her family. 

Kelowna embraces a holistic lifestyle and is wellness-minded in her approach to daily life.  She is a mother of two, ages 11 and 13, and owns her own business --check out www.dropintowellness -- her vibe runs high! 

Her sound advice for other lady surfers is simple and true: Have fun! Don't worry about what others think of you, be kind in and out of the water, and respect the ocean.

Recently, her very cool husband reached out to style her with the perfect present.  

Here's what Kelowna has to say about her new LBD for the sea:

"My Honolua Landy Wetsuit was a birthday present from my hubby. He picked out Tahitian Navy Blue which is so cute! I love that this suit is super comfortable! The cut and style is on point, and the best part is that it keeps my upper body warm when the wind picks up because I tend to get cold easily. Best present ever! Now, I need the G-Land suit! Thank you Landy for knowing what we needed and creating these high-quality, adorable suits from women."

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