The Solo Surf Session

Covid-19 shut down my local about three weeks ago.  Thankfully, the beaches are set to reopen in the next days with restrictions such as being on the beach only to walk or run and to access the ocean, which is all good with me.

You see, most of the time I go surfing by myself.  I prefer the freedom of showing up when I want, staying for however long I choose and promptly leaving when I'm done.  Sometimes I get my fill after a few waves.  Other times I may opt to stay out for hours.  If I'm cruising solo, there is no waiting around or checking in before paddling to another peak. 

True, it's nice to surf with friends.  Rarely though, am I the only person out.  Plus there is usually at least one familiar face I'll see and chat with.  At sunrise, I actually hope to have at least another surfer in the water...

So with beaches reopening in light of Covid-19, I think it is time to appreciate the beauty of solo sessions and to embrace it more than ever.  Each of us showing up solo to get a few waves does not mean we are alone, its doubtful you will be, but showing up to the beach on our own means having our own space, sharing space with other surfers on their own too.  This doesn't mean we can't interact, but it naturally gives a gentle buffer of solitude for you and for anyone else.  

Surfing lends itself to solitude.  You are on your own when you take off on a wave or when you take one on the head.  For those who are not super used to showing up to surf on your own by yourself, give it a try. It's pretty nice, I promise.

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  • Congratulations, Landy!

    Linda Van Zandt

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